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Plain, Hot, Mild, Jerk, Honey BBQ, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Mumbo

                                     BONE-IN           BONELESS       

   5 pc                             $6.25                     $5.56      

  10 pc                            $10.65                   $9.96

   20pc                            $16.39                $15.69

   5 wing & Fries          $7.99                     $6.99


salad header


Grilled Shrimp Cesar-           $7.99

Fried Chicken Salad-             $7.99

Loaded Chef Salad-                $6.99

Grilled Chicken Cesar-           $6.99

Taco Salad-                              $6.99

Side Salad-                              $4.99


Small Plates

sides header

Fresh Fries                                  3/5

Braised Greens                            5

Fried Cabbage                             5

Mac & Cheese                              5

Steamed Broccoli                        5

Chicken Tenders & Fries            8


Burgers & Sandwiches

bbq 33


(All sandwiches come with fries)

The Philly-         (Steak or Chicken)    $7.99

Earth Burger –    (Grass Fed Beef )    $8.86

Fried Fish Sandwich-                           $7.99

Fried Chicken Sandwich –                   $7.49

Grilled Chicken Sandwich –                $7.49

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich –                $7.99

Pulled Pork Sandwich-                         $7.99

Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich-         $7.99

Shrimp Poe Boy                                      $8.86



taco header


   Korean BBQ-                                                             $3.39

     Honey chipotle BBQ pulled pork, Asian Cole slaw topped with chipotle sauce

     Fried Chicken –                                                     $3.69

Fried chicken, lettuce, cheese and topped with our ranch sauce

   Santa Fe Chicken –                                                  $3.39

Grilled chicken, peppers, onions, pico de gallo, cilantro, topped with

 Baja Fish Taco–                                                           $3.99

Fried fish, topped with savory slaw, avocado, pico & tartar                                        

   Bang Bang Shrimp                                                     $3.69

Grilled Shrimp lettuce, cilantro, topped with a creamy ranch sauce

Steak Taco                                                                      $3.69

Marinated steak on a bed of lettuce topped with pico, cheese creamy ranch


 Hearty Meals


Chicken Fried Chicken  $9.99

Double dipped battered fried chicken topped with brown gravy  served

with  Mashed Potatoes /  Braised Greens



Grilled Chicken Penne Pasta  $10.99

seasoned Chicken and fresh broccoli blended in our  3 cheese alfrado

Served with garlic bread


Pork Chops  $11.99

Two (2) chops grilled to perfection and glazed with an apple jam ,

Cabbage / Mac & Cheese


Fried Shrimp $12.99

Jumbo Shrimp dipped and fried, served with Fries \ Cole Slaw


Fried Fish $11.99

2pc of White Fish dipped and fried served with Fries\ Cole Slaw


Shrimp & Grits   $12.99

Jumbo Shrimp and stone ground grits, Prepared the Southern way

with sausage and peppers


Asian Stir-Fry   $9.99

Steak, Chicken or Shrimp sautéed with fresh veggies  and  our Asian sauce

Served over a rice bowl


Shrimp & Fish Combo $17.99

Two pieces of Fish and Jumbo Shrimp battered and fried to perfection

Served with French Fries \Cole Slaw

 Call for ToGo!… 434-632-8161

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